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ACC - Awareness in Computer Concepts

Course Description


 By undergoing the Awareness in Computer Concepts (ACC), one should be able to acquire basic knowledge on computer & its usage by understanding the following skills:

  • How to operate the elements of a computer.
  • Perform basic operations on the computer.
  • Create, edit and format documents using a word processor.
  • Access the Internet and finding information of interest.
  • Register for a web-based e-mail account and using it, Opening of e-mail attachments.
  • Understanding Financial Literacy.
  • Digital Literacy to understand the concept of Online Banking.
  • Understanding the available e-Governance Services

The module on financial literacy will enable the individuals to understand the various financial services and be aware of the various schemes of Government of India.

Duration: 20 Hours

 (Theory: 9 hrs + Practical: 11 hrs)


No minimum qualification is required for applying and appearing for the examination in course on Awareness of Computer Concepts (ACC).

Course Curriculum: ACC - Awareness in Computer Concepts
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No prerequisites

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